Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wright's Right

NT Wright is one of my favorite biblical scholars.  I refer to him as The Bishop!  He's a genius, but that's not why I like him.  He doesn't write for the sake of publishing or to promote his academic career.  His pieces are not ideology, theology, and theory for the classroom. NT Wright crafts texts of hope, texts which open our eyes to the relevancy of Jesus, not as eternal life insurance, but as the difference-maker for right here and right now!  Here are his words on forgiveness:

Forgiveness, indeed, is a sort of healing.  It removes a burden that can crush and cripple you.  It allows you to stand up straight without pretending.  It spreads out into whole communities... Forgiveness has the claim to be the most powerful thing in the world.  It transforms like nothing else.  It ranges from the top of the scale, 'forgiveness' of massive financial debt, all the way down deep to release from the quiet, secret horror of personal guilt and shame, which can, quite literally, paralyze you.

NT Wright, Simply Jesus


  1. I'm reading his book, Simply Christian, right now, and I really like it. Sometimes, I have to read the page twice, but that's just me trying to make sure I get it. Thanks Charlton!

  2. This quote from Wright has really stuck with me over the last several years. from Jesus and the Identity of God:

    "Once we have glimpsed the true portrait of God, the onus is on us to reflect it: to reflect it as a community, to reflect it as individuals. The image of the true and living God, once revealed in all its glory, is to be reflected into all the world... the mission of the Church...reflected glory.”
    N.T. Wright

    So often, we try to live the WWJD kind of life. But it's not like that. Kingdom living is letting the Christ that is ALREADY INSIDE of us, live through us, it isn't What Would Jesus Do? It's what can Jesus do today, here and now, through us.

  3. Al,

    Love the line "It's what can Jesus do today, here and now, through us." So true... the Spirit of God is in his church. We just need to believe it. Thanks for sharing.


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