Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Why Christmoustache?
  • The same reason little boys throw rocks
  • The same reason you put chili on a hotdog
  • The same reason you Super Size
  • The same reason you use the tree rather than the port-a-potty 
  • The same reason you lick your plate when no one is looking
  • The same reason you laugh when people fall down
  • The same reason you flex in the bathroom mirror before your shower
  • The same reason you shadow box when you are alone
  • The same reason you give it the "3-2-1" before you shoot the final driveway shot
  • The same reason you are secretly proud of your son's gift in controlling bodily noises
  • The same reason you think you can "take" guys who are clearly bigger and stronger than you ("Yeah, but I'm scrappy!")
  • The same reason you order "Medium Rare"
  • The same reason you wash quiche down with a cheeseburger 
What are the benefits of Christmoustache?
  • Your wife will fall in love with you all over again
  • You will connect with a decade when men not only refused to shave their upper lip but their chest hair as well (Reference Magnum P.I.)
  • Even your lip deserves a snuggie
  • You'll walk taller
  • Storage for a quick snack
  • Everywhere you go your face says "I Can!"
  • Your dog will be proud of you
  • It draws your wife's attention to your lips
  • Like cat whiskers, your tactile perception increases exponentially
What is the Christmoustache?
Put simply, it is a moustache for Christmas. Let me give you a simple equation:


 I'm inviting you to celebrate the season of Christmas and facial hair by growing a moustache during the month of December. On Christmas Day, take a picture of you with your moustache  and post it on Facebook or Twitter. Tag me in your post so I can put your Christmoustache on my special Christmoustache blog post. There are several who have taken the challenge, who have dared to ask more of life. You were born for such a time as this.


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