Saturday, August 3, 2013

Smells Like Vienna Sausage: A Mini Adventure

On July 25-27, I packed up the backpack and headed north to hike the HCP (High Country Pathway), an 80 mile loop in the northern part of lower Michigan.

The HCP trail head. The beginning and the end!
Everyone has to carry their own stuff. Well, that's the idea! That lasted about 12 miles. My dog ended up limping so I got to carry his dog food!
Lunch stop on Day 2. This chair was just waiting for me!
Dinner stop Day 2. It was perfect! Wish I could have stayed but had another 6-9 miles to go!

Lunch stop Day 3. Highest point of hike! Beautiful!
Free thought we were staying - WRONG!
Free food in free shelter, if you like rice from June 2012.
Black River
The sun greeting me on Day 2.
A town once lived here.
God is the best artist!
Came upon the remains of an old forest fire. Still looked aflame!
God continues to amaze me.
Do you see the trail? It's there...underneath.

Lots of water in Michigan!
This was supposed to be the "Man Hike" picture but I ended up looking like an old turtle.

Lots of marshlands...a.k.a., swamp!

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