Thursday, September 8, 2016

Over the Hill? Or, The First of Many Summits. My Thoughts on Turning 40

This last year has been moving inevitably toward today (Well...there was one other option but I'm not ready for it just yet) - turning the big 4-0. Now that the"over-the-hill" train finally docked at the station...

How do I feel turning 40?

Despite the reality that my bald spot is winning the war on the top of my head, varicose veins are mapping the back of my legs, and my runs are slower...both in speed and recovery, OVERWHELMINGLY today I feel...


So...on this first day of my 40th year I want to share 40 things for which I'm thankful!

  1. God is LOVE.
  2. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, both as a past event and an ongoing experience.
  3. My wife - MB, Mary Beth, "Hon" - a woman, companion and friend who knows the heart of God and puts up with mine, even knowing it's broken state.
  4. My 3 gifts of joy, insanity, and energy: Kaden, Ashton & Pierson.
  5. My family of origin. I started life with a 56-card deck. 
  6. Forgiveness.
  7. Friends who I know would lay down their life for me.
  8. The Church, the Bride and Body of Christ...with all her warts, scars and failures.
  9. Finding home and acceptance in the wide open state of New Mexico.
  10. The sun's relationship with the Organ mountains...constantly changing, reflecting and shadowing.
  11. Green Chile
  12. UCC community. Although I've been blessed to serve many communities of faith, this place is special.
  13. A great church staff with whom I have the privilege to partner.
  14. My church Elders.
  15. Daily Coffee - with Splenda and 1/2&1/2 (Two years ago I would have ranted on its evil. Today, I celebrate it's goodness).
  16. Watching Kaden drum.
  17. Observing Ashton engage with people.
  18. Seeing Pierson dance before the Lord.
  19. Chai Tea with pumpkin spice - enough said!
  20. Fridates! My favorite day of the week!
  21. The Gila Wilderness.
  22. The majesty of the Grand Canyon.
  23. The iconic features of Half-dome.
  24. The humbling experience of Yellowstone.
  25. Ă…ndele's green-chile queso!
  26. Trail runs.
  27. Kayaking a river.
  28. Paddle-boarding The Butte.
  29. The view from my backyard.
  30. Mama Terrie's homemade coconut cream pie.
  31. Homemade banana pudding.
  32. Caliches. 
  33. The art of preaching.
  34. Campfires.
  35. Biking to work.
  36. Desert rain.
  37. Diversity.
  38. Kisses from my wife.
  39. Belly laughs from children.
  40. Hot showers.

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